Choosing the dress can be one of the most difficult parts of planning your wedding. And I’m not talking about your wedding dress. I’m talking about the bridesmaids’ dress!

Bridesmaids in NavyA Common Scenario: You’ve got five bridesmaids, all different shapes and sizes. Your best friend is a cute petite 5’1″, but your cousin is so tall she might as well be a supermodel. Your college roommate has a bombshell hourglass figure, and the other two fall somewhere in the middle. How do you pick a dress that flatters all of their figures, comes in at a reasonable price point, and might be something they all like enough to break out for another occasion one day?

My answer. Most likely, you don’t. A rising trend in weddings today is to let each of your bridesmaids pick her own dress. You of course give them criteria – a particular color or color palette, a certain length, maybe even a fabric preference. Then your work is done! You let them go out and pick something they like, run it by you, and then everyone is happy!

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