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The “B” word! Boundaries are the secret to creating the respect and higher value you deserve.

Imagine creating a solid respect between you and your new clients from the moment they sign your contract. Jordan will teach you her premier key strategies in how to set boundaries early on that provide an enjoyable relationship for the entire length of your services. Your clients will feel well taken care of. Promise!

This is exactly why Jordan created the complimentary resources below. You can download the guide and schedule an intro call below to explore upgrading your boundaries.

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The Boundaries Starter Kit

7 tips to developing client guidelines that will assure respect with dream clients.

The guide will show you:


How to establish boundaries with yourself


3 ESSENTIAL boundaries that will support a higher level of quality living and revenues.

3 Simple Communication Strategies you can set with clients to make sure you don’t get contacted 24/7 and feel like you’re letting them (or yourself) down.

Your Mentor

If boundaries are meant to take care of you and the client as a win-win, then why are they so hard to establish? Here’s why. Planners often feel the need to be their client’s best friend, which leads to late night texts and phone calls and a lack of work life balance. Jordan knew this all too well until she learned how to become the real leader in her business.

After six years in business, Jordan was having success with her company, but not the lifestyle she had been promised as an entrepreneur. By working with a business coach, she finally understood her worth and value and the importance of setting boundaries with clients and with herself. 

Let’s begin to explore the freedom you can have by upgrading your boundaries in a 30-minute intro call with Jordan. She wants you to have the confidence and tools to succeed while avoiding the same struggles she faced as a young

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