Tired of seeing the same favors at every wedding? Choose some of these favors to help your guests keep the party going all night long!

  • Kick off your shoes and dance!

flip flops 300x300We have all been there before – you picked the perfect shoes to match your dress for a wedding, and within ten minutes immediately regret your choice. Instead of having your guests dance barefoot, offer them flip flops to dance the night away. It’s a great inexpensive touch to let your guests know you were thinking about  them while planning your reception. Pick a color or two and order them in multiple sizes, then place them in a cute basket. For an extra fun touch, look on Etsy for cute signs to place on the basket of flip flops.

  • Dress your drinks for dinner!

Koozies 300x300Koozies are a great way to add a fun and personal touch to your reception! Choose colors that fit within your wedding theme and include a fun design like your new monogram, a favorite saying, or a wedding logo. Just make sure to include your names and wedding date so your guests will think of you every time they use it at home. We recommend placing them in baskets on the bar and asking bartenders to place them on beers at the beginning of cocktail hour. Some favorite sayings we’ve seen include “Eat, Drink, and be Married” or “To have, and to hold, and to keep your beer cold.”

  • Don’t be blinded by the light…of love!

Sunglasses 300x300Sunglasses are great favors for both outdoor ceremonies and receptions. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, display the sunglasses at the back of the ceremony for guests to pick up on their way in. You can choose just one color, or a variety of colors to keep it interesting! Many sunglasses can be personalized with a fun saying or your names and wedding date on the side of the frames. Make sure to include a creative and fun sign with your display of sunglasses.

  • Let the love shine in!

Glow sticks kathryn and john 300x300Everyone loves glow sticks no matter the age. Make sure you order enough for guests to have more than one glow stick so they can make headbands, necklaces, and bracelets galore! We recommend cracking the glow sticks before placing them out at the reception to catch your guests’ attention. If your venue has strict regulations on send-off options, glow sticks are a great alternative and create great photos while you exit the reception.

  • A toast to you!

Mason jars 300x300If you are going with a farm chic theme, design some personalized mason jars for guests to use during the reception and take home as a favor. You can also use the mason jars to indicate where guests are sitting during the reception. Each mason jar can have have their name and their table number on a tag attached to the mason jar. If mason jars aren’t your style, you can also personalize stemless wine glasses or beer mugs.

  • Don’t forget about the kids!

Coloring book 300x300If you are inviting children to your reception, don’t forget to give them some activities to keep them occupied and having fun. Coloring books are a great idea for your younger guests, and a great surprise for them to find at their seat along with a small box of crayons. You can even make personalized coloring books about your wedding day. Other fun ideas include good bags with games, candy, and stickers, or even a scavenger hunt for some older kids. It could include items they have to find and a family member to check in with once they have completed it.