It happens at every reception – everyone has an incredible meal, they enjoy some delicious cake, and then they hit the dance floor. Next thing you know, it’s close to the end of the reception and your guests are hungry after being the star of the dance floor. The best way to combat this moment is with a late night snack! Check out some of our favorite late night snacks – the possibilities are endless!


When you go to the movie theater, the smell of popcorn is irresistible! Just imagine what it’s like after dancing the night away on the dance floor. We love the idea of freshly popped popcorn for your guests towards the end of the evening. If you want to wow your guests even more, consider creating a popcorn bar with different flavors of popcorn and toppings to mix in. Make sure to get a mixture of both sweet and savory popcorn flavors as well as toppings to satisfy every craving.


Pizza is always a crowd pleaser! Keep it nice and simple and order pizzas from your favorite local pizza place to share with family and friends. Another option is hiring a pizza food truck or wood fire pizza trailer. Pizza is made on the spot and served directly to your guests. In fact, a food truck of any kind is a great idea. We have even had the Waffle House Food Truck waiting for guests as the reception was ending – what a great surprise!

Chicken and Waffles

We love these mini chicken and waffles on a stick! One thing to keep in mind when selecting your late night snack is how easy it will be to consume. Bite size snacks are great for your guests to grab without having to leave the dance floor. Some other great bite size treats to consider are mini burgers and fries, and even milk and cookies.

Krispy Kreme

Wedding Belles is always a fan of Krispy Kreme at any time of day, especially if they are Hot Fresh Now! Your guests will be delighted to find hot original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts making their way through the dance floor. No need to dress them up – show off that recognizable Krispy Kreme box!

King of Pops

King of Pops is definitely a favorite among our couples as a late night surprise. Pick your favorite flavors and they will be fully stocked into your own King of Pops cart for an hour or two, rainbow umbrella included! This is one of our favorite late night snacks for summer weddings when your guests need a quick way to cool down after showing off their awesome dance moves.

When picking a late night snack, we recommend considering your favorite foods, as well as popular local food items that you want to share with all of your out of town guests. What late night snack will you be sharing with your guests?