I have worked with many couples who were not the biggest fans of cake, but chose to serve cake because it was the “traditional” dessert for a wedding reception. Couples are becoming more and more creative as they plan their weddings and try to make their day represent who they are as a couple, and desserts should not be left out of the mix. Pretty much any dessert can be served to one another, replacing the traditional cake cutting moment.

If your wedding has a strong family focus, maybe there is a grandmother or aunt who makes your favorite pie. Whoever the relative is will be  honored that you asked them to be a part of your day in such a big way. Whether several family members get together to make enough pies to serve to the entire reception, or you provide a particular pie recipe to your caterer, it will keep the family focus to your wedding, and make all of your guests feel at home at your reception.


Food bars with various toppings are also popular at receptions, and there is no reason that cannot be applied to desserts as well, so why not have an ice cream bar for your chosen dessert? Guests can choose their base ice cream flavor, placed in anything from a martini glass to a coffee cup. Toppings can include all of your favorite candy, providing guests with yet another way to feel connected to you as a couple, and show that it really is a day to represent the two of you.

Of course, many couples have chosen to replace the traditional wedding cake with cupcake towers, making serving easier on the caterer. A cupcake tower can make it even easier to serve a wide variety of cake and icing flavors to your guest, pleasing everyone’s taste buds. No matter what dessert you choose to serve at your wedding reception, make sure that it is something both you and your fiance enjoy, and that you are not serving it because it is “traditional.” Your wedding day tells the story of you all as a couple, and the dessert is no exception. Happy eating!