We are often asked by grooms what is the easiest way to select tuxes or suits for themselves and their groomsmen for the big day. With groomsmen living all over the country (or even the world), it can be nerve wracking to think about whether or not the fit will be right, if their flight will arrive on time to pick up their rental, or if their rental will get lost with their luggage. Breathe a sigh of relief because we have a great answer for you – Menguin! Menguin is an online tux and suit rental company that is making the selection and rental process incredibly easy.
menguin-logo-300x300Through their website, you can choose from a variety of tux and suit styles, colors, and even accessories. Whether you are having a black tie wedding or a more laid back affair, Menguin has the right look for you. Interested in a surprise pop of color in the guys’ socks? They have a wide variety of colorful sock options from from turquoise blue to ferrari red! The process is simple – you pick the exact tux or suit and its accessories. Share an order link with your groomsmen, who will input their measurements online and place the order. You can even track who amongst the groomsmen have ordered, and who you may need to pester to share their info with Menguin. The company ships all rental items 10-11 days before the wedding. With their fit guarantee, if anything doesn’t fit, Menguin will ship you a replacement within 24 hours of notification. After a wonderful wedding weekend of the gentlemen looking fantastic, they place all rental items in the box with a prepaid label and drop it at a UPS store on Monday.
blue-suit-boxAnd if that didn’t sound fantastic enough, Menguin donates a portion of each suit or tux rental to the International Penguin Conservation Working Group which helps to save, clean, and relocate penguins. Check out Menguin’s website to see how easy it is to dress the guys in your wedding – what an amazingly simple way to check another item off your to do list!