During our final planning sessions in the weeks leading up to a wedding, we have a list of advice and helpful hints to share with our couples, specifically some tips to share with their wedding party. We always suggest telling attendees of the ceremony rehearsal that we are starting 30 minutes before we are actually scheduled to start in order to guarantee an on-time ceremony rehearsal, we provide last minute advice for toasts, and encourage our clients to share our contact information so that any last minute questions can be directed our way. Over the years, we have added to this list of advice, and this particular Top 10 Unexpected Moment resulted in one of those additions.

Amy and Matt got married on a wintry December Sunday in 2016 at Foxhall Resort. The day started off with Amy and her bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done in the bridal suite at the Stables. With their wedding date so close to the holidays, Amy and Matt had chosen to have elegant Christmas colors and décor throughout their ceremony and reception.

Amy’s bridesmaids wore romantic red dresses, which would beautifully complement the groomsmen’s charcoal gray suits. The bride and bridesmaids carried whimsical bouquets of white, red, and blush blooms accented by eucalyptus. The tables reflected the Christmas spirit with their gold chargers and pop of red napkins. Amy and Matt’s holiday theme was reflected in their favor for their guests – Christmas ornaments for each guest to place on their own trees to remember this special occasion.

Looking through the photos, you would never guess the problem solving that had occurred in the early afternoon. While Amy and her bridesmaids were receiving the finishing touches to their hair and makeup, Matt and his groomsmen were arriving onsite. Since most of the group was driving from Atlanta, we encouraged them to get dressed at the venue so as not to wrinkle their suits during the drive. One by one, the groomsmen arrived and changed into their charcoal gray suits. With each gentleman finishing the changing process, one groomsman seemed to be getting paler. He approached myself and Caitlin and let us know he was almost positive his suit was not the same color as everyone else’s. Sure enough, upon opening the suit bag, we discovered he had a different shade of gray than everyone else.

Unfortunately, these shades of gray were just different enough that it was noticeable. I googled the closest Joseph A. Banks location and gave them a call. I explained the situation and asked if they happened to have any of the charcoal gray suits in stock. The incredibly helpful associate let me know they did in fact have the suit in stock and in the groomsman’s size. However, there was a strong possibility the pants would not be the right length. Watching the clock, Caitlin and I both knew there would not be enough time to get to the store, pick up the suit, return to Foxhall, and hem the pants. The store associate said they were slow that Sunday, and she was happy to drive the suit to us at no charge.

As Amy and Matt had their first look and wedding party photos began, we anxiously awaited the arrival of the replacement suit. Every planner has some crafty skills, and seamstress skills always come in handy. Luckily, Caitlin is one of the best seamstresses on our team, and I was grateful she was with me for this wedding. Once the suit arrived, Caitlin marked the preferred pant length with safety pins and started to hem. Not only were we able to retrieve a replacement suit for the groomsman, but his pants were hemmed in enough time for wedding party photos to happen prior to the ceremony.

Whether you want a planner with you for every step of the planning process, or just for wedding day management, it is important to have an amazing planner team at your side. Our team can fix all of the problems that pop up from hemming a new suit to sewing a bridesmaid into a dress (yes, we’ve done that too!). We would love to chat with you about all of your wedding needs and match you with the right planner and package for your wedding!

Thanks to Victoria Bonvicini for the amazing photos!