Let’s be honest, it wasn’t long into dating your fiancé that you knew this was it – this is the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. And that’s when you started to dream of your perfect wedding.

You started the secret Pinterest board (which might be their best feature if you ask me!), you started to take notes when attending friend’s weddings, and you thought through exactly what you hoped to be wearing when the question was asked. And now it’s happened, you are finally engaged and the fun begins. Or at least that’s what you were hoping.

Suddenly, everyone from your mother to your best friend, and even your dry cleaner has an opinion about your wedding. And that’s when you realize there are far too many cooks in this particular kitchen.

When people ask me what I do, my first answer is that I own and operate a wedding and special event planning company. Once intrigued, they ask for details about what I do. I often explain that while the majority of my job is attention to detail and logistics and extreme organization, a lot of what I do is offer a listening ear to my clients.

In an odd way, planning a wedding can bring out both the best and worst in your family and friends. Your normally calm and supportive mother is suddenly hyper-focused on the exact shade of blue napkin on the tables at the reception and she will find those come hell or high water. It doesn’t matter that you don’t actually care for blue and were hoping for a charcoal grey napkin that would provide a contrasting color on your table, this is what your mom feels will make or break your wedding reception.

And it’s not just your mom. It’s your grandmother, your best friend from middle school, and your next door neighbor. Sometimes you are hesitant to tell someone you are engaged because you really can’t handle another piece of advice. While their intentions are good, you simply do not need another person’s opinions on your wedding.

This is when I tell our couples to call their wedding planner. We are experts at weeding through the opinions of everyone who loves you and figuring out exactly what we do need to listen to.

Often times your mom’s desire for that perfect shade of blue napkin is coming from her concern over being able to find the perfect dress for her to wear on your big day. While we are focused on details and on perfecting your wedding vision, we are also able to see the bigger picture and work through the emotions tied up in this major life event.

Weddings are an emotional event filled with love, and yes, sometimes differences of opinion. Let us help you work through those differences and prioritize which opinions you should focus on including in your plans.

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