We hope you will dance along with us and learn more about an Atlanta-based band, The Moxie Band. We chatted with band leader, Rich Tatgenhorst to learn more about the band’s history and what songs get everyone on the dance floor!

Wedding Belles: Tell us a little bit more about The Moxie Band – how long has the band been performing together? 

Rich: I have been the leader of the Moxie Band for over 25 years. The nucleus of the band has been together for over 14 years

Wedding Belles: Do you specialize in a particular music genre or can you play a variety of genres? 

Rich: We play all genres of music. We usually start out with nice vocal jazz such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, and Nora Jones, then ease into Motown, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current favorites that the client chooses.

Wedding Belles: If couples are overwhelmed by music choices, are you able to help in selecting special dance songs (i.e. First Dance, Parent Dances, etc.)? 

Rich: Yes! I have a full list of suggestions that I email.

Wedding Belles: If a couple wants to hear a particular song, are you able to learn a new song if it’s not already in your repertoire? Is there a limit to the number of songs you will learn for a wedding? 

Rich: Yes, We usually learn one free song per event. We can learn more for a fee, and, of course, I can DJ any song for free!

Wedding Belles: Do you provide music for the ceremony as well as the reception? 

Rich: I can provide a separate sound system, 2 powered speakers, mixer, and MacBook for their choice of music. I can also provide a wireless mic or wired mics.

Wedding Belles: Do you take any breaks? If so, what is played during those breaks? 

Rich: We play 1 hour first set, 15 minute break where I MC and DJ, and 45 min sets with 15 min breaks after that. I stay on stage all 4 hours to keep everything rolling.

Wedding Belles: What one suggestion would you give to a couple in order to have a great reception? 

Rich: I ask them to think about the week after their big day. What will they be glad they spent the money on.

Wedding Belles: Is there a song that is always guaranteed to fill the dance floor?

Rich: Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey, or I Want You Back, Jackson 5.

Wedding Belles: What do you wish couples knew before contacting you? 

Rich: How happy we make our clients! Read the reviews on our website.

To check out review for The Moxie Band and to learn more about them, we hope you will visit their website The Moxie Band.