We are excited to highlight another one of our favorite Atlanta venue’s this week – Factory Atlanta! This venue is perfect if you are looking for a blank slate to create your dream wedding or event. We talked to Owner, Regina Weir, who shared all the details about this fabulous space!

Wedding Belles: Paint us a picture – give us a description of your venue as if we have never been there before!

Regina: Factory Atlanta is 8000 square feet of hidden venue space in the heart of Chamblee. It’s unassuming from the street but when you turn the corner to the back of the building, our entrance is a welcome surprise and should make guests feel like they’ve discovered something special. The venue is a renovated warehouse with white walls and modern unassuming features that should disappear in the background to let the event decor come to the forefront. It is intended to be a blank space for couples to create something unique and something personal that reflects more of them than it does us.

There are 2 event spaces. The Showroom is 2400 square feet for pre function space or for a more intimate event. The Factory Floor is 5600 square feet of open space and high ceilings for more elaborate and larger events. They are both connected by the catering kitchen that can service both rooms at the same time and 2 large getting ready rooms that can accommodate large wedding parties.

Wedding Belles: What is the history of your venue? How long has it been a wedding venue?

Regina: We started renovating in 2017 and officially opened in late 2018 so we haven’t been around long.

Wedding Belles: Is there a perfect guest size for each space? If so, what is it?

Regina: Not taking Covid-19 into account, for ceremonies in the Showroom, 2400 square feet we suggest guest counts of 150. For sit down receptions 100 or less works best. For what we call the Factory Floor, 5600 square feet, we can do ceremonies of up to 400 and our max capacity for a sit down reception is 400, but honestly we’ve done events of all different sizes because we are able to make the space seem more intimate with our gallery walls. We have 8 gallery walls that roll and can create different dimensions to each of the rooms.

During Covid-19 and until things are more normalized we are suggesting guest counts of 150 or less until restrictions are lifted. The best thing about our space is that it’s large and spacious so celebrations of that size will still feel like a celebration and still feel safe.

Wedding Belles: What do you include as part of their rental package?

Regina: In house we provide tables, chairs and linens as well as mobile bars and some decor items for rent.

Wedding Belles: What do you wish couples knew before they contacted you? What do you wish they knew before going on a tour?

Regina: I wish people would take a look at our instagram to see the versatility of the space. Some couples get what our space is all about right away and have a distinct vision they want to come to life and some couples don’t get it until they see more pictures. So I think more reference is a good start before you walk in.

Wedding Belles: How early should couples book their wedding?

Regina: At least a year in advance if they are looking for a specific date, but if a couple is a little more flexible then they have a little more time.

Wedding Belles: Are you offering any special packages for smaller weddings in the midst of COVID-19?

Regina: We are currently rethinking our pricing to include smaller weddings and elopements. We have new clients looking for something smaller as well as current clients who are downsizing their original guest counts. Our goal is always to be flexible and so we have been able to change our previous business structure into something that can help alleviate some pressure but will still allow couples to celebrate major milestones with close family and friends.

Wedding Belles: If a couple wants to learn more information, what is the best way to contact you?

Regina: The best way to contact us is through email, hello@factoryatlanta.events or at regina@factoryatlanta.events