Groom Holding Bride's Wedding Dress TrainPhoto by Altmix Photography

Today’s modern bride is the ultimate multi-tasker. She works, she has her own apartment, and she can definitely plan her own wedding! So why have a day of wedding coordinator?

Every wedding has some hiccups, but the bride should not be the person being bothered with every snafu. Your wedding day is about you and your husband-to-be. The day speeds by so quickly that you want to be sure that your memories are of tearing up while you said your vows and how great the cake tasted, and not that a button fell off your groomsman’s vest.

Day of wedding coordinators keep everyone on time, on track, and focused on what is most important – the bride and groom. They are prepared for all of the day’s little inevitable emergencies, walking around with the schedule in one hand and a needle and thread in the other.

Speaking from personal experience, my day of wedding coordinator (who happened to be Jordan) was the best money I spent. The first thing she told everyone involved with my wedding on the day of was that if they had any questions, they were not to ask my soon-to-be husband or me! She was there with earrings when my sister forgot hers, Kleenex for my mother-in-law during the ceremony, and a safety pin when my dress tore during the hora. While I can’t say nothing went wrong at my wedding, I can say that my day of coordinator made everything all right.