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“Our wedding day was October 3, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Since I live in Chicago, and with my very hectic schedule, I knew it would be too challenging for me to plan my wedding from a distance. With this, I hired Jordan Flowers of Wedding Belles to be my Wedding Planner and she delivered in grand style. Jordan was very professional, organized, creative, personable and reliable with excellent communication skills. She was diligent in preparing a wedding budget early in the planning process which was a helpful guide for us to follow. She recommended vendors for every aspect of the wedding and she obtained vendor estimates. She also arranged vendor appointments which she attended with us or, in some cases, she brought the vendors to us. She reviewed all vendor contracts and when issues arose with a vendor contract, or any other issues pertaining to our wedding plans, we were very impressed with her thoughtful and well-assured approach in solving difficult issues in a timely manner. The day before the wedding, Jordan was at the church for the rehearsal and making sure that each member of the wedding party received a copy of the wedding timeline. On my wedding day, she and her team were on hand all day making sure that they fulfilled my vision and dream. Reflecting back, when I would have concerns or felt a little uneasy during the wedding planning process, Jordan’s favorite expression was “no worries, I will take care of that.” Well, she was correct; I had no worries on my wedding day because she and her team were superb in carrying out all of my wants and desires. As a result, my wedding was absolutely beautiful! Our guests were in awe and they are still raving about their awesome wedding experience. Lastly, since all of the groomsmen in our wedding were from out of town, and their rented tuxedos had to be returned the next day, Jordan graciously agreed to return them to the store. With this, she was at the hotel early the next morning collecting tuxedos to return to the store…… that’s first class service! If you are engaged and want to have an elegant wedding, Jordan Flowers with Wedding Belles is absolutely the “must have” person to make this happen.”



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