While sparklers are a fun and popular send-off for the end of your reception, our couples often need to find a different option due to venue restrictions. We’ve found a variety of ideas that create great photos as you make your grand exit!

Glowsticks and Boomsticks

Similar to sparklers in photos, glowsticks and boomsticks are a great way to add some light and color to your photos. Popular additions to the dance floor, we recommend handing them out during the reception and asking guests to bring them out for the send-off.

Rose petals

A great natural option that adds a pop of color as they are thrown. White or ivory petals create the best images and are typically the colors required by venues. Red or pink roses can often leave a stain on the sidewalk outside the venue if there is any moisture on the ground. Check with your florist to see if they are able to provide you with bags of rose petals for your send-off, and then check it off your list!

Ribbon Wands

If your venue does not allow anything to be thrown, we have found ribbon wands to be a great alternative! Whether you have a craft night and make them yourselves, or find some online, ribbon wands can be made in your wedding colors and add some vibrant colors to your send-off photos.


Bubbles create a really fun photographic effect and are another great option if the venue does not allow anything to be thrown. Planner tip for you – purchase a couple of bubble guns and give them to key wedding party members or your planner to help create a plethora of bubbles for the best effect!

Combination – Ribbon wands and bubbles

Can’t decide between a couple of send-off options? Several of our couples have decided to pick their two favorites and offer both. Ribbon wands and bubbles make for a great combo!

Snow Machine

We try not to pick favorites, but the snow machine send-off has been one of our favorites when it came to the visual it created. Obviously, not ideal for warm weather weddings, but perfect for those winter weddings! There are several companies that make rental snow machines. They will send the machine a few days prior to your wedding, and it simply needs to be packed up and shipped back within about 48 hours after your wedding. Now you have everything you need to create that perfect winter wonderland on your wedding day!

Let us know what your favorite send-off experience has been at a wedding in the comments below!