Looking for an amazing DJ to help make your Big Day incredible and personable? Then search no further than EuroAndy Events! Wedding Belles can’t get enough of working with the team over at EuroAndy Events- they’re fun loving, professional, and they always aim to please their clients. Check them out to get the party started!

Picture by Janet Howard Studio

Wedding Belles (WB): Tell us about yourself! Who are you?

EuroAndy: Hi! I’m Dahlena and I am the woman behind the business!

I’m a mother of three wonderful kids and living this great life with Andi (the Lead DJ and my Co-Owner). I personally have been in the Wedding industry with a few different roles since 2009, and even DJ on occasion, but I am usually reserved as the emergency backup. I am a passionate believer in True Love and all things leading up to “I do”.

It is our goal to make your wedding about YOU! We don’t have a typical wedding because every love story is different and we want that story to shine on your big day!

WB: What do you wish your clients knew coming to the first meeting?

EuroAndy: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is something unique you want for your wedding, please ask. We have worked with telecommunications to make sure out of town people can see the wedding, live musicians, singers, custom mixes for the first dance, and much more. Communication is key, if we don’t know what you want, we can’t help you achieve it. The options are almost endless. We don’t want any two weddings to be the same, so help us help you make your wedding unique and stand out from the rest.

WB: What are some of the latest trends you’ve seen develop?

EuroAndy: We’ve seen a lot of Glow Sticks instead of sparklers lately. These are not only being used for exits but also as party favors when the dancing gets going. Also, late night snacks! Everything from Waffle House to Varsity to Pizza Delivery and Donuts.

WB: How early should brides book their weddings with you?

EuroAndy: It varies on the month but we have been booking 12 -14 months out a lot lately.

WB: Do you provide any consultation sessions with future brides and/or grooms?

EuroAndy: We meet initially at the request of the couple to see if we are a good fit and can meet again closer to the wedding. There will also be a phone call the week leading up to the wedding to go over details.

WB: What information do you need from brides before the wedding day?

EuroAndy: We provide planning forms on a client site that include questions for all portions of the wedding including the formal dances and any announcements that need to be made.

WB: Do you keep your music selection up to date?

EuroAndy: We add music every month from a subscription service.

WB: How extensive is your music library?

EuroAndy: Over 60,000 songs that range from 50s to current with all genres.

WB: Can you help with music selections for the processional, recessional, father/daughter dance, etc.

EuroAndy: Of course! We can make suggestions for everything!

WB: Do you take any breaks? What music is played then?

EuroAndy: We do not take breaks. The DJs eat dinner while the guests are with a dinner playlist.

WB: Do you act as an “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

EuroAndy: Absolutely!

WB: Can you take requests from guests?

EuroAndy: That is up to the couple. If they want us to take requests, we will. Otherwise, we refrain from requests.

Can’t get enough of the EuroAndy folks, either? You can find more information about their services and packages on their website.