This week, we are excited to share our chat with Simon Rimmer, owner of SiFi Entertainment, who are offering a variety of options to keep your guests entertained no matter what the event!

Wedding Belles: How did you get started as a DJ? What led you to the wedding and events industry?

Simon: Music has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I actually started taking drum lessons at the age of 5 and since then I’ve always found “the beat”. I have really been a DJ my whole life, but my professional career got started over a decade ago when I DJ’ed for a friend’s wedding. After how much fun I saw the guests having, I knew I was hooked on this industry. Since then, I have networked beyond friends and family to establish a flourishing DJ career.

Wedding Belles: What is it about your job that makes you excited to go to work?

Simon: Weddings are something that people remember forever. They show their children and grandchildren pictures and share memories for years to come. Nothing can compare to knowing that I am helping to create these lasting memories.

Wedding Belles: How specific or detailed to couples need to be when providing you with a list of songs they like?

Simon: I am flexible to whatever couples (or companies) need, details or not, I can work with anything. One time I had a couple give no direction on their playlist besides their first song and it was one of the best nights ever!

Wedding Belles: For couples who find selecting music overwhelming, are you able to make recommendations for some of those special dance songs or for the ceremony?

Simon: Yes! I love to work with couples on their playlist and provide recommendations. If they are feeling overwhelmed, I have my go-to’s that always get the crowd moving. We also have an online music selection portal which makes the planning experience simple and fun.

Wedding Belles: Can you take requests from guests during the reception?

Simon: Yes! Typically, everyone is already grooving so they rarely stop to request any songs. However, we can always take requests and sprinkle them into the mix.

Wedding Belles: Does SiFi Entertainment provide more than just a standard DJ package? What other options or services do you have?

Simon: SiFi Entertainment is just that, entertainment. We go beyond just DJ’ing and have packages that incorporate saxophone, drums, lighting, photobooths and more! We also have silent disco and casino rentals for that extra added element.

Wedding Belles: What do you wish couples knew before they reached out to you?

Simon: I wish couples knew the importance of having an experienced entertainment provider at their wedding. It’s much more than just your friend with a computer and a speaker. I really care about each and every one of my clients and dedicated time to their vision.

To chat with Simon and his team about how they can rock your next event, contact them at SiFi Entertainment.